The Dark Times in Sommerlund

Assault on Calt

Upon the request of the Sommlendine King, the party journeyed to the Frozen wasteland of Calt in order to capture the traitor wizard Vonatar. After three days of trekking through the snow, the party discovered a cliff side that led down to an underground cavern. Their guides told them that cavern led straight to the castle, so the party decided to take that route.

While travelling underground, the party ran into some trouble with a group of shadowy beings, who were at first hostile. After a small skirmish, the party made an uneasy truce with their leader, who agreed to help them deal with the large barbarian group blocking their way to the castle. On the way to their assault, the party stopped to rest, and noticed a small cavern to the side. They decided to explore.

The party discovered this cavern held an ancient Barbarian city, made of gold and other precious metals. This city is very much like those of the barbarians in the jungles, even worshiping the Sun God Xipototec, in the same manner. The party walked to the temple, and managed to gain audience with a manifestation of Xipototec himself, who blessed Mordecai with a deific boon.

With their new-found, thousands of gold’s worth of treasure in hand, they returned to camp, and rested in preparation for their final push into the castle.



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