The Dark Times in Sommerlund

Book of the Magna Kai

and other cool shit

The party, fleeing on the backs of Kree, found themselves in luck as a Brotherhood of the Crystal Star air ship just happened to fly into their path. They boarded safely, and the dwarven crew shot down the drakharim chasing them. After some brief introductions, the party realized they were speaking with one of the Archmages, a high ranking member of the brotherhood. When the party explained what it was the prince had, and the information he gave about an artifact titled “The Book of the Magna Kai,” the Archmage told them this book hold the ancient secrets of the kai grandmasters, and hence is the only hope Skarn has of becoming strong enough to fight the dark lords.

The Archmage said he had an arhcheologist friend who lived in this area, who may know where to look. They did not find the friend himself, but the friend left behind a map as a message for the Archmage. The party followed this map to a large pyramid, where a drakharim army was waiting outside. The Archmage created a diversion, and the party stepped inside.

In here they found a great, vast knowledge of technology, magic, and Old Gods. They also found a man in need of the party’s help locating an artifact that would solidify his reign over his tribe. He helped them by doing some tech stuff to keep them protected from the pyramid’s guardians.

the party found him the object, and in return he gave them the location of the Book, as well as a plan for an escape route when they did retrieve it. The party moved on into the next area, where they found two drahkarim elite guards and… The Dark Lord Harkan.

Dark Lord Harkan is the big wig, the head honcho, the top dog of the Dark Lords. And the party was staring him right in the face. After some cheeky back and forths between Tonoauc, Xathrid, and Hakan, the party and the Dark Lord waged battle. Dark Lord Harkan was a mighty opponent, using his dark powers to turn Tonoauc against his own friends amidst the fight, forcing the demon girl to assassinate him. The party eventually won the fight, defeating the Dark Lord Harkan. Miao then used the dowry she brought for their marriage: a golden apple that has the power to revive someone from the dead, which she stole from a dragon. She used the golden apple to revive Tonoauc. The party then proceeded to loot the place, snagging the book and a ton of gold, before fleeing with some cool technology and Old God information.

The party also took the drahkarim bodyguards as prisoners(as they had not been killed). while on their way back to Sommerland, Tonoauc decided to sepak with them and learn what he could from them. Their story of history tells a much different story than the sommlandine do, and they feel they were victimized and fled to the only place left when they were near eradication by the sommlanders; Dark Lord territory. Their ancestors pledged eternal servitude in exchange for protection, and the drakharim have been imprisoned there since.

Tonoauc made a very dangerous decision at that moment. Rather than have them executed, he gave them the choice to either face trial or live under his rule in New Haven, learning about their society and what freedom feels like. Tonoauc, against the King of sommerland’s warning, decidedto try and help the twins, hoping that, if he can help them, teach them freedom, then hopefully hope was not lost for other drahkarim,

Tonoauc hopes that maybe, just maybe, they could use that hope as an advantage in the coming war against the Dark Lords…



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