The Dark Times in Sommerlund

Feifdom Frenzy

The party has found themselves honored rulers of a small fiefdom, granted to them by the King of Sommerland for their herioc actions. The heroes, with their newfound Vassagonian band of 3,000 soldiers, moved into the area of what once was Dunhaven and claimed the territory.

All has not been well, however. This land is riddled with cults of ancient Far Gods. Many of them are hostile, and they make it much harder for the non-hostile ones to seem friendly. The people of New Haven are becoming restless, and want to take action.

The party soon moves to wipe out one of the aggresive cults, rounding up all the support they can manage from the people within their kingdom, as well as out. But once they are taken care of, how will the party members handle the friendlier cult? Will they be able to prove to the public they are not a threat? Or will the people of New Haven want more blood?



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