The Dark Times in Sommerlund

Long Live The King

Just kidding

In one of the most dramatic turn of evens in our hero’s adventures, a coup rose from the ashes of New Haven and captured the Hero-King, Tonoauc. Due to the severe consequences of the choices he made involving the lives of the people of New Haven, as well as the lives of his own people, he was captured, tried, and executed. In his stead, the members of the council have elected Mordekai to take the crown and rule over New Haven. May he do a better job than the last schmuck.

Not all is well, however. Due to the political shifting caused by Tonoauc’s actions, a new threat reveals itself to the mortal plane: the court the Eternal Fey. They have been locked away for thousands of years, and few know anything at all about them. But they could be an even greater threat to this world than the Dark Lords.

Will the adventurers be able to overcome this new threat? The future remains unclear. But one thing is certain: A great evil is upon us, one the heroes must Be Prepared for.



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