The Dark Times in Sommerlund

Power of the Kai

Adventure Log 1

With the Duranese royal fleet at their disposal, Skarn and party provided a rear counterattack against what appeared to be a sizable fleet of undead controlled ships. With the party providing direct support against the undead ships and battling a mysterious robed man (later revealed as the shadow of a powerful wizard named Vonatar), Skarn rushed to the battered walls of the city. Overwhelmed with the dire assault of the city, Skarn braced himself for a moment and whispered a Kai prayer into the skyward Sommersword. Releasing centuries of stored power, the blade struck down Darklord Zagarn and his command staff, with the Dracarim forces fleeing in terror shortly afterwards.

Having made the perilous trek to obtain the Sommersword and led the successful counterattack that saved the capital, Skarn and the party received a direct audience with the king. Expecting a reward, the group was instead given a kingly quest to locate and defeat the traitor, and powerful wizard Vonatar. Understanding that without Vonatar’s defeat Sommerlund would not be safe, the group sailed north to the frozen land of Calt.



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