The Dark Times in Sommerlund

Saving My Hometown

With Friends and Bullies

Today was a hectic day. First of all, we where on a full frontal scale attack on the ghost ships covering the harbor. Our flag ship collided into another ship while the King of Duranore flew off and left us to deal with the situation at hand. Me and my trusty noble squire with the help of adventurers jumped onto the ghost ship we collided with. During this time there was a odd ship with chunks of fire decimating the Duraneese ships. We quickly cleared all the undead infestations on that ships. Strangely enough when they all where slain, the ship also started to come apart. Which came to the idea killing their leader will stop this evasion. So we swim up to the other ship that was hurling fireballs and decided “now we attack”! The Weird chicken bone magic user lead the barbarian up with the dwarf up instead of me and Mordekai, favoring them for reasons of me siding with my noble squire. Side note honor is a hard thing to come by in this day and age. Most of these adventurers I travel with don’t know the first concept of honor. In my armor it was difficult getting up the ship. By the time I was up the fight was over with Skarn defeating the spell caster…. Well in a way. After the victory, a Duraneese ship swoop by and picked us up and took us to shore. We where well honored for all the lives we saved taking down the main ship. Once we got to Sommerland we fortified the wall to dusk. Then something absolutely remarkable happened. Skarn took the Great sword of Kai and raised it up as the sun was coming in. The sword took the light and it shot a beam of light over towards the tent of the ’Dark Lord" past tense because he got blown away from the magnificent power of Kai. 100,000 or more enemy troops where staggered and confused and started to flee. They where quickly pushed out and ran off slaying a lot of their warriors. A little bit later we where rushed to the castle to meet my most excellent king. Then he congratulated us for this task which we accomplished. Then in turn gave us a new task to go to the cold mountains and deal with the magic user we fought on that ship from earlier. Gladly accepted in a heart beat. Later that day I received my family sword and had my brave squire knighted. It was a great day for us all. We will see what tomorrow has in store.



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