The Dark Times in Sommerlund

To Catch a Vonatar

With the help of their new shadowy companions, the party traveled to the Ice castle, where the Traitor wizard Vonatar lay in wait. The party soon came to the castle, where they decided to slip in through the back door, while their shadow friends distracted the barbarians guarding the front entrance. The party traveled through the castle, mostly unopposed, until they bumped headlong into a group of equally surprised barbarians, trying to find the source of the commotion outside. The party got into a short, one-sided scuffle with the barbarian group, in which they learned these barbarians bring their children to hunt and fight with them. Undeterred, the party mercilessly slaughtered every one of them before moving on.

The companions soon found their way to the jail, in which sat a very large, heavily armored barbarian guarding two prisoners. This barbarian ravaged the party, truly gave them a fight, before finally being defeated. The party unleashed the two prisoners, explaining to them their reason for being here and why they needed Vonatar alive. The two prisoners agreed to help, after a night’s rest. At some point during their rests, one of the prisoners, who had offered to take last watch, revealed his true purpose; he was a hellghast, sent by the Dark Lords to kill Vonatar. he attempted to slit the party’s throats, but they managed to wake up in time to fight back. It was at this moment the nature of Xipototec’s blessing came to fruition; A large, (fur)ocious* Jaguar burst from Mordecai’s chest in a bloody mess, and savaged the hellghast with it’s magical claws. Mordecai expressed very concerned and shaken feelings about turning into a jaguar and back, but eventually accepted his fate(for now).

The party finally approached Vonatar’s door. They prepared themselves for battle, and rushed in, swords blazing. What they discovered, they did not expect. Vonatar was flying thirty feet in the air, and a large flesh golem was standing directly in their path. It was a long and arduous fight. Despite being an old miser, Vonatar was the most powerful being they had yet directly faced, and nearly killed the party. Eventually, however, they managed to batter him into agreeing to surrender himself under the Prisoner of War status. After taking his weapons and items, and binding his caster hand, the party finished exploring his castle. Inside his laboratory were four large tubes, in which four spirits were trapped. Vonatar had been attempting to torture them into a deal for power, and was nearly successful until the party showed up.

However one spirit in particular seems to be very keen to make a deal with the party….


*Like ferocious, but with more fur.

To Catch a Vonatar

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