The Dark Times in Sommerlund

War. War never changes.

The War with the Farspawn is Complete. At great cost to human life, and the death of Zathras, the Kings Brother, the land of New Haven was made safe again. With the eradication of the Farspawn Threat in the city of Isweiler, the Heroes of Sommerlund began to settle into their jobs as rulers and begin the long road to rebuilding and restoring their land to the state it was before the wars, only this time without the bugs. This didn’t work out quite how they were expecting, however. Queen Teotlalco, of the Azteca Barbarians, came to New Haven seeking Asylum after a sudden and devastating two pronged attack from the Drakkarim and the Gaelic Barbarian Tribes. With the Walls of Tenochtitlan falling to this combined assault, the Xocoyotzin sent his wife and youngest child to New Haven so that the Royal line may live on. There is little to no information on the forces in the east except three things: The Darklords are on the move, the Lord of the Winter Court, Mab, is supporting them, and a great Hero of the Tribes has been named, an beast of a man with Gae Bolg, the Spear that Sunders Mountains.



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