The Dark Times in Sommerlund

WAR: What is it good for?

Absolutely everything!

The party, with their gathered army, quickly annhilated the goat people and removed their malicious presence from New Haven forever(hopefully). The people, satisfied with their victory, celebrated in peace with each other. Thankfully, due to their help against the goat monstrosities, the tension against the people of the western farm also seems to have eased for the time being. Tonoauc eventually married a young Kitsune by the name of Miao, who, with her charm, wit, and excellent theiving skills, stole his heart.

A month after the party’s victory, a stronger, wiser Skarn presented himself to the party and requested their aid. The Vasagonian king has offered a formal treaty for peace with the Sommlandine, but on the condition that Skarn himself speaks on their behalf. Feeling a sense of unease over this request, Skarn wishes for the party to join him on the trip in case something goes amiss.

Skarn’s intuition proved correct, as the party was immediately captured upon arrival. Tonoauc used some of his manly charms to seduce some information about current events before imprisonment, learnign that the king and the eldest brother had “mysteriously died,” and the youngest brother had now taken reign of Vasagonia. The party escaped imprisonment, ran forth to the throne room ,and confronted the dark prince. Here they discovered, with much dread, that the prince had allied himself with the dark lords, and in return for information, they gave him a destructive artifact known as the Eye of Death, which he used to obliterate one of the party members. realizing they were outmatched, the party fled on kree back, dreading the inevitable moment when they would have to stand eye to eye with the dark prince again.



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