The Dark Times in Sommerlund

Long Live The King
Just kidding

In one of the most dramatic turn of evens in our hero’s adventures, a coup rose from the ashes of New Haven and captured the Hero-King, Tonoauc. Due to the severe consequences of the choices he made involving the lives of the people of New Haven, as well as the lives of his own people, he was captured, tried, and executed. In his stead, the members of the council have elected Mordekai to take the crown and rule over New Haven. May he do a better job than the last schmuck.

Not all is well, however. Due to the political shifting caused by Tonoauc’s actions, a new threat reveals itself to the mortal plane: the court the Eternal Fey. They have been locked away for thousands of years, and few know anything at all about them. But they could be an even greater threat to this world than the Dark Lords.

Will the adventurers be able to overcome this new threat? The future remains unclear. But one thing is certain: A great evil is upon us, one the heroes must Be Prepared for.

War. War never changes.

The War with the Farspawn is Complete. At great cost to human life, and the death of Zathras, the Kings Brother, the land of New Haven was made safe again. With the eradication of the Farspawn Threat in the city of Isweiler, the Heroes of Sommerlund began to settle into their jobs as rulers and begin the long road to rebuilding and restoring their land to the state it was before the wars, only this time without the bugs. This didn’t work out quite how they were expecting, however. Queen Teotlalco, of the Azteca Barbarians, came to New Haven seeking Asylum after a sudden and devastating two pronged attack from the Drakkarim and the Gaelic Barbarian Tribes. With the Walls of Tenochtitlan falling to this combined assault, the Xocoyotzin sent his wife and youngest child to New Haven so that the Royal line may live on. There is little to no information on the forces in the east except three things: The Darklords are on the move, the Lord of the Winter Court, Mab, is supporting them, and a great Hero of the Tribes has been named, an beast of a man with Gae Bolg, the Spear that Sunders Mountains.

Slinking Shadows, Searing Lights

It has been a busy few months for the party. Causing genocide, which in turn ignited a war with their southern enemies; they have been busy indeed. During this time, their nation has expanded and changed governments, with Tonouac now king of the people. There are werewolf women and children left over from the war they just fought crying in the streets of Thornton with nowhere to go but the cities of those that just killed their people. Sir Edric seems to have completed an experiment that has turned him into a monstrosity, and Tonouac is wielding the one weapon his people have been trying to get their hands on for generations; the Greyblade.

But war is coming soon, and the party must prepare quickly or fall to the scuttling waves of evil.

Book of the Magna Kai
and other cool shit

The party, fleeing on the backs of Kree, found themselves in luck as a Brotherhood of the Crystal Star air ship just happened to fly into their path. They boarded safely, and the dwarven crew shot down the drakharim chasing them. After some brief introductions, the party realized they were speaking with one of the Archmages, a high ranking member of the brotherhood. When the party explained what it was the prince had, and the information he gave about an artifact titled “The Book of the Magna Kai,” the Archmage told them this book hold the ancient secrets of the kai grandmasters, and hence is the only hope Skarn has of becoming strong enough to fight the dark lords.

The Archmage said he had an arhcheologist friend who lived in this area, who may know where to look. They did not find the friend himself, but the friend left behind a map as a message for the Archmage. The party followed this map to a large pyramid, where a drakharim army was waiting outside. The Archmage created a diversion, and the party stepped inside.

In here they found a great, vast knowledge of technology, magic, and Old Gods. They also found a man in need of the party’s help locating an artifact that would solidify his reign over his tribe. He helped them by doing some tech stuff to keep them protected from the pyramid’s guardians.

the party found him the object, and in return he gave them the location of the Book, as well as a plan for an escape route when they did retrieve it. The party moved on into the next area, where they found two drahkarim elite guards and… The Dark Lord Harkan.

Dark Lord Harkan is the big wig, the head honcho, the top dog of the Dark Lords. And the party was staring him right in the face. After some cheeky back and forths between Tonoauc, Xathrid, and Hakan, the party and the Dark Lord waged battle. Dark Lord Harkan was a mighty opponent, using his dark powers to turn Tonoauc against his own friends amidst the fight, forcing the demon girl to assassinate him. The party eventually won the fight, defeating the Dark Lord Harkan. Miao then used the dowry she brought for their marriage: a golden apple that has the power to revive someone from the dead, which she stole from a dragon. She used the golden apple to revive Tonoauc. The party then proceeded to loot the place, snagging the book and a ton of gold, before fleeing with some cool technology and Old God information.

The party also took the drahkarim bodyguards as prisoners(as they had not been killed). while on their way back to Sommerland, Tonoauc decided to sepak with them and learn what he could from them. Their story of history tells a much different story than the sommlandine do, and they feel they were victimized and fled to the only place left when they were near eradication by the sommlanders; Dark Lord territory. Their ancestors pledged eternal servitude in exchange for protection, and the drakharim have been imprisoned there since.

Tonoauc made a very dangerous decision at that moment. Rather than have them executed, he gave them the choice to either face trial or live under his rule in New Haven, learning about their society and what freedom feels like. Tonoauc, against the King of sommerland’s warning, decidedto try and help the twins, hoping that, if he can help them, teach them freedom, then hopefully hope was not lost for other drahkarim,

Tonoauc hopes that maybe, just maybe, they could use that hope as an advantage in the coming war against the Dark Lords…

WAR: What is it good for?
Absolutely everything!

The party, with their gathered army, quickly annhilated the goat people and removed their malicious presence from New Haven forever(hopefully). The people, satisfied with their victory, celebrated in peace with each other. Thankfully, due to their help against the goat monstrosities, the tension against the people of the western farm also seems to have eased for the time being. Tonoauc eventually married a young Kitsune by the name of Miao, who, with her charm, wit, and excellent theiving skills, stole his heart.

A month after the party’s victory, a stronger, wiser Skarn presented himself to the party and requested their aid. The Vasagonian king has offered a formal treaty for peace with the Sommlandine, but on the condition that Skarn himself speaks on their behalf. Feeling a sense of unease over this request, Skarn wishes for the party to join him on the trip in case something goes amiss.

Skarn’s intuition proved correct, as the party was immediately captured upon arrival. Tonoauc used some of his manly charms to seduce some information about current events before imprisonment, learnign that the king and the eldest brother had “mysteriously died,” and the youngest brother had now taken reign of Vasagonia. The party escaped imprisonment, ran forth to the throne room ,and confronted the dark prince. Here they discovered, with much dread, that the prince had allied himself with the dark lords, and in return for information, they gave him a destructive artifact known as the Eye of Death, which he used to obliterate one of the party members. realizing they were outmatched, the party fled on kree back, dreading the inevitable moment when they would have to stand eye to eye with the dark prince again.

Feifdom Frenzy

The party has found themselves honored rulers of a small fiefdom, granted to them by the King of Sommerland for their herioc actions. The heroes, with their newfound Vassagonian band of 3,000 soldiers, moved into the area of what once was Dunhaven and claimed the territory.

All has not been well, however. This land is riddled with cults of ancient Far Gods. Many of them are hostile, and they make it much harder for the non-hostile ones to seem friendly. The people of New Haven are becoming restless, and want to take action.

The party soon moves to wipe out one of the aggresive cults, rounding up all the support they can manage from the people within their kingdom, as well as out. But once they are taken care of, how will the party members handle the friendlier cult? Will they be able to prove to the public they are not a threat? Or will the people of New Haven want more blood?

To Catch a Vonatar

With the help of their new shadowy companions, the party traveled to the Ice castle, where the Traitor wizard Vonatar lay in wait. The party soon came to the castle, where they decided to slip in through the back door, while their shadow friends distracted the barbarians guarding the front entrance. The party traveled through the castle, mostly unopposed, until they bumped headlong into a group of equally surprised barbarians, trying to find the source of the commotion outside. The party got into a short, one-sided scuffle with the barbarian group, in which they learned these barbarians bring their children to hunt and fight with them. Undeterred, the party mercilessly slaughtered every one of them before moving on.

The companions soon found their way to the jail, in which sat a very large, heavily armored barbarian guarding two prisoners. This barbarian ravaged the party, truly gave them a fight, before finally being defeated. The party unleashed the two prisoners, explaining to them their reason for being here and why they needed Vonatar alive. The two prisoners agreed to help, after a night’s rest. At some point during their rests, one of the prisoners, who had offered to take last watch, revealed his true purpose; he was a hellghast, sent by the Dark Lords to kill Vonatar. he attempted to slit the party’s throats, but they managed to wake up in time to fight back. It was at this moment the nature of Xipototec’s blessing came to fruition; A large, (fur)ocious* Jaguar burst from Mordecai’s chest in a bloody mess, and savaged the hellghast with it’s magical claws. Mordecai expressed very concerned and shaken feelings about turning into a jaguar and back, but eventually accepted his fate(for now).

The party finally approached Vonatar’s door. They prepared themselves for battle, and rushed in, swords blazing. What they discovered, they did not expect. Vonatar was flying thirty feet in the air, and a large flesh golem was standing directly in their path. It was a long and arduous fight. Despite being an old miser, Vonatar was the most powerful being they had yet directly faced, and nearly killed the party. Eventually, however, they managed to batter him into agreeing to surrender himself under the Prisoner of War status. After taking his weapons and items, and binding his caster hand, the party finished exploring his castle. Inside his laboratory were four large tubes, in which four spirits were trapped. Vonatar had been attempting to torture them into a deal for power, and was nearly successful until the party showed up.

However one spirit in particular seems to be very keen to make a deal with the party….

Assault on Calt

Upon the request of the Sommlendine King, the party journeyed to the Frozen wasteland of Calt in order to capture the traitor wizard Vonatar. After three days of trekking through the snow, the party discovered a cliff side that led down to an underground cavern. Their guides told them that cavern led straight to the castle, so the party decided to take that route.

While travelling underground, the party ran into some trouble with a group of shadowy beings, who were at first hostile. After a small skirmish, the party made an uneasy truce with their leader, who agreed to help them deal with the large barbarian group blocking their way to the castle. On the way to their assault, the party stopped to rest, and noticed a small cavern to the side. They decided to explore.

The party discovered this cavern held an ancient Barbarian city, made of gold and other precious metals. This city is very much like those of the barbarians in the jungles, even worshiping the Sun God Xipototec, in the same manner. The party walked to the temple, and managed to gain audience with a manifestation of Xipototec himself, who blessed Mordecai with a deific boon.

With their new-found, thousands of gold’s worth of treasure in hand, they returned to camp, and rested in preparation for their final push into the castle.

Power of the Kai
Adventure Log 1

With the Duranese royal fleet at their disposal, Skarn and party provided a rear counterattack against what appeared to be a sizable fleet of undead controlled ships. With the party providing direct support against the undead ships and battling a mysterious robed man (later revealed as the shadow of a powerful wizard named Vonatar), Skarn rushed to the battered walls of the city. Overwhelmed with the dire assault of the city, Skarn braced himself for a moment and whispered a Kai prayer into the skyward Sommersword. Releasing centuries of stored power, the blade struck down Darklord Zagarn and his command staff, with the Dracarim forces fleeing in terror shortly afterwards.

Having made the perilous trek to obtain the Sommersword and led the successful counterattack that saved the capital, Skarn and the party received a direct audience with the king. Expecting a reward, the group was instead given a kingly quest to locate and defeat the traitor, and powerful wizard Vonatar. Understanding that without Vonatar’s defeat Sommerlund would not be safe, the group sailed north to the frozen land of Calt.

Saving My Hometown
With Friends and Bullies
Today was a hectic day. First of all, we where on a full frontal scale attack on the ghost ships covering the harbor. Our flag ship collided into another ship while the King of Duranore flew off and left us to deal with the situation at hand. Me and my trusty noble squire with the help of adventurers jumped onto the ghost ship we collided with. During this time there was a odd ship with chunks of fire decimating the Duraneese ships. We quickly cleared all the undead infestations on that ships. Strangely enough when they all where slain, the ship also started to come apart. Which came to the idea killing their leader will stop this evasion. So we swim up to the other ship that was hurling fireballs and decided “now we attack”! The Weird chicken bone magic user lead the barbarian up with the dwarf up instead of me and Mordekai, favoring them for reasons of me siding with my noble squire. Side note honor is a hard thing to come by in this day and age. Most of these adventurers I travel with don’t know the first concept of honor. In my armor it was difficult getting up the ship. By the time I was up the fight was over with Skarn defeating the spell caster…. Well in a way. After the victory, a Duraneese ship swoop by and picked us up and took us to shore. We where well honored for all the lives we saved taking down the main ship. Once we got to Sommerland we fortified the wall to dusk. Then something absolutely remarkable happened. Skarn took the Great sword of Kai and raised it up as the sun was coming in. The sword took the light and it shot a beam of light over towards the tent of the ’Dark Lord" past tense because he got blown away from the magnificent power of Kai. 100,000 or more enemy troops where staggered and confused and started to flee. They where quickly pushed out and ran off slaying a lot of their warriors. A little bit later we where rushed to the castle to meet my most excellent king. Then he congratulated us for this task which we accomplished. Then in turn gave us a new task to go to the cold mountains and deal with the magic user we fought on that ship from earlier. Gladly accepted in a heart beat. Later that day I received my family sword and had my brave squire knighted. It was a great day for us all. We will see what tomorrow has in store.

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