Campaign House Rules

In addition to providing a +1 bonus to attack rolls, masterwork weapons also grant +1 to damage rolls. In addition to reducing armor check penalty, masterwork armor also grants +1 AC. Masterwork also stacks with magic enhancement.

Perception is always a class skill.

Common language doesn’t exist. It is strongly advised that the players know the “Sommlending” language.

Low-Magic Restrictions:
Classes stop gaining spell slots past those they have access to at 6th level. This restriction does not apply to supernatural abilities.

Certain things from DnD 3.5 exist to help counterbalance the low-magic campaign restrictions. For example:
-Laminated Steel (weapon property) Adds one to the threat range. Can only be applied to slashing weapons.
-Serrated (weapon property) Add +1 damage. Can only be applied to slashing weapons.

Campaign House Rules

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