Kai Lord Class

The Kai Lord class is unique to Skarn and is very powerful. Not only can he wield the Sommersword, but he is skilled at a great many things. The class features are as follows:

Skills: All skills on the Monk and Ranger skill lists.
Skill Points/Level: 8 + Int Mod
Hit Die: d10
Required Alignment: Lawful Good

Base Attack Bonus: Good
Fortitude: Good
Reflex: Good
Will: Good

Special Ability at level 1-10: Kai Discipline
Special Ability at level 11-20: Magnakai Discipline

Kai Discipline descriptions:


This Discipline enables a Kai Lord to blend in with his surroundings. In the countryside, he can hide undetected among trees and rocks and pass close to an enemy without being seen. In a town or city, it enables him to look and sound like a native of that area, and can help him to find shelter or a safe hiding place. Enemies do not get a check to notice him unless he moves within 30 ft of them, and any regional penalties due to not being a native are negated. He is always assumed to be a native of the land he is in on a cursory inspection. Heavy scrutiny identifies his real nationality and identity (assuming they know him) with a DC 20 Perception Check, with a penalty to their check equal to 1/4 your class level, rounded down.


This skill ensures that a Kai Lord will never starve in the wild. He will always be able to hunt for food for himself except in areas of wasteland and desert. The skill also enables a Kai Lord to be able to move stealthily when stalking his prey. You never need to make a check to gather food for yourself or allies while not in a desert or wasteland, as well as allowing you to move at full speed while sneaking.

Sixth Sense

This skill may warn a Kai Lord of imminent danger. It may also reveal the true purpose of a stranger or strange object encountered in your adventure. This grants a bonus to your saves equal to your Charisma Modifier, as well as granting the ability to cast Detect Magic and Identify at will.


This skill enables a Kai Lord to make the correct choice of a path in the wild, to discover the location of a person or object in a town or city and to read the secrets of footprints or tracks. They can cast Find the Path at will, Trapfinding, and gain a +5 bonus to Gather Information checks to find people in any urban setting.


This Discipline can be used to restore hit points lost in combat. If you possess this skill you gain Fast Healing 1. You may grant this ability to another with a touch, and they gain Fast Healing 1 every round you maintain contact, for a maximum number of rounds per day equal to twice your class level.


Upon entering the Kai Monastery, each initiate is taught to master one type of weapon. If Weaponskill is to be one of your Kai Disciplines, choose a weapon of your choice. When you use this weapon, you add 1 to weapon attacks and 2 to weapon damage rolls.


This Discipline protects the Kai Lord from many mind effecting attacks, rendering them immune to Mindblast and granting a new save every round while under the effects of a mind effecting spell or power.


This enables a Kai Lord to attack an enemy using the force of his mind. It can be used as a swift action and deals 1d10 damage per turn. This effect allows a save on the first round it is used on a target (DC = 10+1/2 level+Wis Mod), and lasts as long as you continue to Mindblast that target every round.

Animal Kinship

This skill enables a Kai Lord to communicate with some animals and to be able to guess the intentions of others. This grants the use of the spell Speak with Animals at will, as well as Wild Empathy as a Ranger of your Kai Lord level.

Mind Over Matter

Mastery of this Discipline enables a Kai Lord to move small objects with his powers of concentration, as per Mage Hand at will. The weight limit increases by 1 pound for every level after 5. This skill does not require line of effect, only line of sight.

Magnakai Disciplines:


This Magnakai Discipline enables a Kai Master to become proficient in the use of all types of weapon, giving you proficiency with all weapons. In addition, choose a weapon and gain a +1 to attack and +2 to damage with it. Every two levels after ten (this is retroactive) grants either and additional +1 attack and +2 Damage or another weapon you can add to your mastery list.

Animal Control

This Magnakai Discipline enables a Kai Master to communicate with and control most animals and to determine their purpose and intentions. It also enables a Kai Master to fight from the saddle with great advantage. this allows the Kai lord to cast Dominate Animal at will, and grants him the benefits of Mounted Combat or an extra use of Mounted combat per turn if he already has, or latter takes, the feat.


The possessor of this skill gains Fast Healing 2 in combat and Fast Healing 5 outside of combat. This Magnakai Discipline also enables a Kai Master to cure disease, blindness and any combat wounds sustained by others, as well as himself. This functions as either Remove Disease, Cure Blindness, or Cure Serious Wounds, usable 3 times per day. Using the knowledge that mastery of this skill provides will also allow a Kai Master to identify the properties of any herbs, roots and potions that he may find with no check. At level 12, this ability can duplicate Cure Poison, and at level 16 this ability duplicates Heal, although this usage of Curing uses all three uses of your Curing for the day and takes ten minutes to perform.


This Magnakai skill allows a Kai Master to blend in with his surroundings, even in the most exposed terrain. It will enable him to mask his body heat and scent, and to adopt the dialect and mannerisms of any town or city that he visits. He gains the ability to Hide In Plain Sight, can speak any language, and can change his features at will as per Alter Self at will.


This skill ensures that a Kai Master will never starve in the wild; he will always be able to hunt for food, even in areas of wasteland and desert. It also enables a Kai Master to move with great speed and dexterity. He never needs to roll to forage for food for himself and his companions and gains both Evasion and Uncanny Dodge.


In addition to the basic skill of being able to recognize the correct path in unknown territory, the Magnakai skill of Pathsmanship will enable a Kai Master to read any language, decipher symbols, read footprints and tracks (even if they have been disturbed or hidden via Pass Without Trace), and detect the presence of most traps greater distance. It also grants him the gift of always knowing intuitively the position of north. He never becomes lost in the wild, Gains Trap Spotter (as the Rogue Talent), and is never fooled by attempts to hide tracks through mundane or magical means.


This psychic skill enables a Kai Master to attack an enemy using the force of his mind. It can be used as well as normal combat weapons and adds 2d10 damage every round with no save. It is a powerful Discipline, but it is also a costly one. For every round of combat in which you use Psi-surge, you take 2 points of health damage that does not heal form your Fast Healing or curative magic of any kind.


Many of the hostile creatures that inhabit Magnamund have the ability to attack you using their Mindforce, as well as influincing your mind via magic. The Magnakai Discipline of Psi-screen makes you immune to damage from mind effecting abilities, as well as granting the effects of a continuous Mind Blank.


Mastery of this Magnakai skill will enable you to withstand extremes of heat and cold without losing Hit Points and to move items by your powers of concentration alone. You gain a permanent Endure Elements and can use Telekinesis at will as a full round action, but cannot effect living creatures with it’s effect. The max speed of objects moved with this Telekinesis is 5 feet per round. At level 16, this ability grants immunity to environmental damage due to a toxic atmosphere, such as the air of the Darklands.


This skill may warn a Kai Master of imminent or unseen danger or enable him to detect an invisible or hidden enemy. It may also reveal the true purpose or intent of a stranger or strange object encountered in your adventure. Divination may enable you to communicate telepathically with another person and to sense if a creature possesses psychic abilities. You gain the ability to communicate silently with anyone in your line of sight, Analyze Dweamer at will, Detect Thoughts at will, and True Seeing at will.

Kai Lord Class

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