• Jeremy Sir Edric Salzahar Human (Sommlending) Cavalier Melee Combat, Mounted Combat, Squire, Godling
  • Doug Zathrass Human (Barbarian) Sorcerer/Oracle Arcane and Divine support
  • Will Yosemette Dwarf Gunslinger Ranged Support, Brewing Moonshine, Alchemy, Gunsmithing, Heal
  • Fish Ralzok Glorybeard Dwarf Fighter/Cleric Blacksmith, Priest of Illmatr, Brother of Yosemite, Shielded Fighter, Theologian of Death
  • Damian Tonouac Kitsune(fighter), Barbarian Survivalist, Damage Cannon, Perpetually Angry, Lots of Tails

The Dark Times in Sommerlund

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