Sha'ir Class

The Sha’ir class is a class variant for the Witch class, representing the use of a pact with an elemental creature known as a Gen (a tiny Genie-kin). This class prepares spells by sending their Gen to the elemental Planes to negotiate with, or steal from, Genie-kin for the spells their master casts in a day. The class replacements are as follows:

Spells: Since a Sha’ir gets their spells from a preset source outside of themselves, they only have access to the Elements Patron. They can prepare any spell on their spell list without the need to learn them beforehand, for the same reason.

Gen Servant: The Sha’ir receives a Gen as their familiar at level one, in place of the normal familiar that a witch gets. If the Gen dies, you lose the ability to cast spells until a new one is summoned, which requires 7 days of fasting and mourning before the Djinn will allow you to gain a new servant Gen.

The Gen come in 4 varieties: Earth, Fire, Water and Air. The type is chosen at level one, and cannot be changed as long as your Gen still lives. A Gen is immune to the element it is related to, grant’s it’s master Resist 5 to that same element, and allows spells of the chosen type to be cast at one caster level higher. Finally, any spell that a Sha’ir casts that deals elemental damage has the damage replaced with the element of the Gen.
These effects replace the Familiar class feature.

Steal Magic: Once per day, a Sha’ir can command it’s Gen to steal magic from the Djinn, granting them immediate access to any one spell they prepared that day. Alternatively, they can prepare one spell of a level 1 higher than their maximum spell level at the beginning of the day. Whenever you do this, you must make a caster level check with a DC equal to 10 plus the level of the spell. If you fail, the Djinn notice the theft. The effects of this are left to the DM, but often include the Djinn demanding a service, reimbursement, or even striping you of your power for a time after repeated violations. This replaces the Hex received at level 1.

Djinn Negotiation: A Sha’ir is viewed favorably by most Djinn, giving a 20% discount to the cost of any services requested by the Djinn, as well as allowing the Sha’ir to add their level to all social skill checks and appraise skill checks while dealing with a Djinn.

Sha'ir Class

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